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mold damage

Does your property have mold?

Stop mold from spreading and remove its grip on your property. Call SpoFaw today to prevent further damage.

Thermal Mold Gun Image

The most important tool we own.

Thermal imaging is probably the most important and valuable tool we own. We can see right through walls to determine where our spots of interest are - helping us use pinpoint drying techniques, and helping you avoid thousand of dollars in secondary damages/insurance claims.


Just another way SPOFAW is using the latest and greatest technology to help our customers.

Mold is the guaranteed byproduct of untreated water damage and if left for just 48 hours, mold can spread and cause serious property damage and health concerns. Even small amounts of mold is not something that a non-certified person should handle, let SpoFaw handle the local, state and federal regulations concerning mold mitigation and protect your property. Our IIROC certified staff will expertly remove & treat mold. Further, SpoFaw will determine the cause of the mold and provide solutions to stop its return.

Don't wait to restore your property.

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