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Your Local Water, Fire, & Biohazard Restoration Company.

Our Restoration Services

Fire Damage


Experienced specialists to restore your property to the condition it was before a fire.



Whatever the cause of property damage, our specialists will return your property to its original condition.

Biohazard Removal


Protect your liabilities and clean your property from biohazardous material with our licensed professionals.

Water Damage


Our certified staff will remove all water and all mold.

Our Process

SpoFaw is customer focused, meeting your needs at your time of need, so our processes are engineered around communication, understanding, and partnership. 

IICRC Certified
EPA Certified Inspector
Washington State Lead Inspector
Mold Inspector Certified
Wooden Surface
Wood Texture_edited.jpg

Their Experience

Carly Almonte

This company has some of the most wonderful, friendly, and professional people that I have ever worked with! They are extremely reliable and take pride in their work. I would 100% work with them again!

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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